Bathroom Cleaning


Commercial Bathroom Cleaning is the perfect services for your commercial bathrooms. Most people will judge whether to return to your business based on cleanliness of the bathroom. Not only is it appealing to have clean bathrooms, but maintaining the sterility also means keeping surfaces clean from bacteria and viruses. Whether you have an office or a restaurant we will sit with you to determine how much monthly cleaning is required for your business.

  • Toilets and urinals- Regular cleaning required. This helps with keeping the bathroom smelling great. Some areas that require special maintenance are handles and anything that is to be touched with the hands. Stalls and touch areas near urinals must also be sanitized.
  • The faucets, dispensers, towel holders near sinks are common touch areas for people with dirty hands and need frequent cleaning and sanitizing.
  • Floors- need frequent sweeping and mopping. Grout between ceramic tiles require the use of a cylindrical brush floor machine.
bathroom cleaning

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